Why do ‘Attack on Titan’ fans hate Gabi Braun? The Gabi hate movement, explained

Gabi Braun in 'Attack on Titan: The Final Season'
Image via MAPPA

In the vast world of Attack on Titan, there are plenty of unlikeable characters. Floch Forster, for example, easily comes to mind when fans think back on everything he did over the course of the anime’s fourth season. No matter how high Floch might rank on viewers’ most-hated characters list, though, Gabi Braun is often a strong competitor.

Gabi was introduced in the very first episode of season four, “The Other Side of the Sea,” which also marked the beginning of Attack on Titan‘s Marley arc. She is the 12-year-old cousin of Reiner Braun, who — much like him — is a Subject of Ymir, and hopes of following in his footsteps by inheriting the Armored Titan. Gabi’s first appearance in the series left a strong impression on fans, who witnessed her courage and cunning nature at play in a war setting. Despite that, the child’s demeanor as the series progressed would soon sour viewers’ thoughts about her character.

Why is Gabi Braun so hated among fans?

From the get-go, Gabi shows quite an overbearing personality, putting her friends and fellow Marley Warrior candidates down while bragging about her own attributes. In all fairness, she has all the reason to brag, being undoubtedly the best candidate to inherit one of the nine titans, and it’s easy to blame her behavior on her childishness. However, Gabi’s lack of empathy toward others, especially her own race, is one of her biggest character flaws.

Like all Eldian children living in Marley, Gabi was brainwashed into thinking of the Paradis Eldians as devilish creatures who must be exterminated. This is logically not her fault, and the result of strong political propaganda, but it still leaves a terrible taste in the viewers’ mouths. In comparison to Reiner, who is plagued by regrets, or Falco, to whom compassion comes easily, Gabi is initially portrayed as a hateful killing machine.

While the Survey Corps attempt to flee Marley after Eren’s declaration of war, Gabi’s inability to leave well enough alone also grated fans’ nerves. The child did everything in her power to ruin the Eldians’ escape plan, and ultimately, she murdered Sasha, something most viewers could not forgive. This moment was crucial, cementing the hatred for Gabi deep in the heart of Attack on Titan fans.

Even after Gabi and Falco were taken to Paradis Island, Gabi’s hate toward all other humans inside the walls was evident. Despite being taken in by an Eldian family who fed and cared for her, the child remains set in her ways for a long while, refusing to see the truth right under her nose — that there are good and bad people everywhere, and the current generation of Eldians is not to blame for the acts of their ancestors.

Slowly, over the course of the series, Gabi gets some much-needed character development. Unfortunately, the damage is already done, and she remains one of the most hated characters in Attack on Titan.

Attack on Titan is available for streaming on Crunchyroll, with its final installment coming to our screens later in 2023.