Two New Clips From The Upcoming Blu-Ray The Aggression Scale

The Aggression Scale is a film that took the SXSW Film Festival by storm, with a wave of positive buzz coming from its midnight premiere. The film follows two teenagers as they go to war with four hitmen over some stolen cash. It sounds like an absolute blast and today we have two new clips from the upcoming Blu-Ray to prove it to you!

The first clip gives us a look at the hitmen and the second gives us a look at just how crazy these teenagers really are.

Check them out below and make sure to keep checking the site for our official review of the Blu-Ray and for our exclusive Blu-Ray giveaway!


When out-on-bail mob boss Bellavance (Wise) discovers that $500,000 of his money is missing, he sends four hardcore hit men (including Ashbrook and Mears) to send a “loud and messy” message to the suspected thieves’ families. But when the killers invade the Rutledge home, they’ll meet the household’s emotionally disturbed young son Owen (Ryan Hartwig). Owen has a history of violent behavior, knows how to make lethal booby-traps and is about to teach these thugs some deadly lessons in extreme vengeance. Fabianne Therese co-stars in the savage thriller that IndieWire called “like Home Alone with more death!”

The Aggression Scale hits Blu-Ray on May 29th, 2012.