CONTEST: Win The World’s End Blu-Ray

World's End

To celebrate the release of The World’s End on Blu-Ray, we’re giving away five copies of Edgar Wright’s latest film.

Starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, the closing chapter to the Blood and Ice Cream trilogy aka the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy, hit theatres back in August. It followed a group of friends who reunite in their hometown to complete a pub crawl that they were never able to finish as teenagers. When they return home though, they realize that the pub crawl won’t be their only challenge as they’ve inadvertently stumbled upon an alien invasion.

Our very own Gem Seddon had some pleasant things to say about the film in her review, concluding with:

A very funny closing chapter to the Blood And Ice Cream trilogy, The World’s End is more than satisfying. It’s hilarious, action-packed and has more one liners than you can shake a pool cue at. The bittersweet nostalgia it tends to is all the more bitter because it marks not only The World’s End, but an end to this brilliant series.

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Good luck!