We Got This Covered’s Deals Of The Day: The Fast And Furious 1-5 Bundle



Welcome to We Got This Covered’s Deals of the Day. In this brand new column, we’ll be scouring the web in order to bring you hot deals on Blu-Rays and video games, and boy, have we got a good one for you today. Check it out below:

1) The Fast and Furious 1-5

The Fast And Furious franchise is nothing if not entertaining. If you’ve been searching high and wide for a series of films that are at once remarkably tongue-in-cheek and downright thrilling, then get yourself over to Amazon where the entire collection is available for $37.99. Marked down 63%, the deal includes all five films on Blu-Ray and, if that wasn’t enough, an Ultraviolet version and Digital Copy of each film, too.

A point to note, though, is that this collection isn’t a box set. Rather, it’s simply all five films bundled together into one fantastic deal. And it’s one we highly recommend, too. Brash, over the top and not one to take itself too seriously, The Fast And Furious films are almost the definition of a guilty pleasure and with Fast & Furious 6 racing into theatres next month, now is as good a time as any to hop aboard the souped-up bandwagon.


As far as savings go, they don’t come much better than this, but does The Fast and Furious collection catch your eye? Let us know what your favourite movie of the five in the comments below.

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