The Dark Knight Rises Blu-Ray To Include Christopher Nolan’s Director’s Cut?

A rumor has reached us regarding the Blu-Ray of The Dark Knight Rises, stating that the release will not only include the theatrical version of the film, but also Christopher Nolan‘s director’s cut featuring a full 30 minutes of extra footage.

That rumor comes from Nuke The Fridge, who said that a reliable source provided them with this enticing detail.

Sources have informed Nuke the Fridge that not only is a Director’s Cut being developed by Warner Bros. for “The Dark Knight Rises,” but it’s going to include Bane’s origin plus a bit more screentime for Ra’s Al Ghul which were omitted from the current theatrical cut of the movie… So now according to our reliable spies, we will be able to see how Bane learns to fight plus more scenes involving Ra’s Al Ghul. The new Director’s Cut is said to make the film about thirty minutes longer.

I wonder if Warner would really include such a cut on the first release of the film. I have no doubt that Nolan had footage he considered adding, and with the lengthy run time as it was, the studio probably would have frowned on more footage. That being said, with how close to perfect Nolan’s movies end up, I think it’s safe to assume that we saw what he wanted us to see.

We already know that a scene involving Bane’s origin was shot and not used, so maybe that will be included in deleted scene fashion, but again, I’m very skeptical there will be a full extended director’s cut on this initial release.

Still, I’d love to see an extended edition. The Dark Knight Rises was phenomenal, and considering I didn’t want the theatrical version to end, there’s no way I’d be opposed to getting more of that film.

I’m not going to say a director’s cut isn’t possible, but I’d be very surprised if it’s included on the initial Blu-ray release.

What do you think? Is there a director’s cut of The Dark Knight Rises and if so will we get to see it? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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