Ghostbusters 35th Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray Contains Infamous Deleted Scenes


It sounds almost too good to be true, but assuming that things keep according to schedule, fans from all over will be watching Ghostbusters 3 in a little more than a year. It’s hard to believe things have progressed this quickly, and it was only a few months ago that Sony Pictures released a brief teaser to hype everyone up. Of course, longtime devotees have been eagerly awaiting the next entry in the franchise (one which continues the ongoing story), and now, they’ll be able to relive the glory days of the ’80s, thanks to a limited edition re-release of the first two films.

This new collection includes a steelbook case, packing in 4K and Blu-Ray versions of Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II, along with digital copies for those who prefer to stream their movies. This collection not only contains high-quality UHD masters of both films but plenty of special features and deleted scenes, including the Fort Detmerring ghost. In this infamous sequence (which didn’t make the theatrical cut), both Ray and Winston are seen investigating an old military fort. Ray, who puts on an old officer’s uniform, ends up falling asleep before he is… “serviced” by a ghost.

It’s great that this long-forgotten (and somewhat raunchy) scene has finally been released in high quality, alongside a handful of other bonus goodies – all of which you can view below:


  • 6 Rare & Newly Unearthed Deleted Scenes, including the long-requested Fort Detmerring scenes!
  • Raw takes for the Central Park bums sequence
  • 1984 ShoWest Exhibitor Reel, featuring Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd pitching an early reel of footage to theatrical exhibitors.
  • Full Ghostbusters TV Commercial from the film
  • Ghostbusters TV Commercial Outtakes
  • “A Moment With the Stars” – original press kit featurette
  • Original Domestic Teaser Trailer
  • Original Stereo Audio for the Feature (Blu-ray only)
  • Fan Commentary featuring Troy Benjamin and Chris Stewart (Interdimensional Crossrip podcast), Ashley Victoria Robinson (Geek History Lesson podcast) and Sean Bishop (Ghostbusters prop replica expert), moderated by Ghost Corps’ Eric Reich


  • Commentary featuring Director Ivan Reitman, Star/Co-Writer Dan Aykroyd and Executive Producer Joe Medjuck
  • The Oprah Winfrey Show: Cast of Ghostbusters II” – June 1989
  • Full Ghostbusters II Theatrical EPK
  • Rare Unfinished Teaser Trailer – featuring the full commercial from the film!
  • Original Stereo Audio for the Feature (Blu-ray only)

There are a handful of huge Ghostbusters fans on staff here, and a few of us will definitely be picking up this new release. But how about you? Do you plan on adding the 4K versions to your collection? Let us know in the comments below!

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