Lionsgate Announces One For The Money Blu-Ray

Lionsgate has announced the Katherine Heigl starring romantic comedy, One for the Money, for Blu-Ray release in May.

Katherine Heigl was kind of a bankable actress at one point in time. She was coming hot off of Knocked Up and decided to plant herself firmly in the romantic comedy genre, but then something happened. People stopped showing up for her films because they sucked beyond belief. One thing is to make a generic, by-the-books film that is solely meant for a specific audience, but it becomes another thing when you start pumping out 2 or 3 a year with Heigl playing the exact same role every single time.

So, One for the Money decided to be clever and give her a New Jersey accent and a tough attitude. That turned out bad for Heigl, because the film quickly left theaters, despite being based on a popular novel. It just goes to show you that there isn’t such thing as a bankable actor or actress anymore. Eventually we all get sick of them doing the same garbage for a paycheck.

Technical specifications haven’t been confirmed just yet, but the Blu-Ray/Digital Copy combo pack will come with the following features:

  • Behind-the-scenes featurettes
  • Gag reel
  • A deleted scene

One for the Money will be available for purchase on May 15th, 2012.

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