Paranormal Activity 4 Coming To Blu-Ray In January

Paramount will be bringing Paranormal Activity 4 to Blu-Ray in January. The Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman-directed found-footage horror flick stars Katie Featherston and Kathryn Newton.

We’ve officially reached the (hopeful) decline of the Paranormal Activity series. This fourth installment actually disappointed at the box office this past October, despite still making more than enough money to keep the franchise breathing. It failed to match the third film’s numbers, which means the studio will at the very least begin discussions about how they want to start ending up the series.

We’re still a good three or four films away from calling it quits (me thinks), but I wouldn’t hold out for too much longer.

This fourth entry is perhaps the dullest and most unappealing one of them all. It trades in scares for painfully long build-ups that result in the same old jump scares and it ends on a high note of disappointment. There’s absolutely no resolution in this one at all and it downright stinks having to waste an hour and a half for no reveal.

Our very own Christian Law had this to say about the film in his review:

Paranormal Activity 4 adds just enough to the franchise to keep fans from completely dismissing it, hinting at a bigger and better sequel to (hopefully) wrap things up before the series overstays its generous welcome.

The film comes to Blu-Ray with the following extra goodies:

  • Original Theatrical Version of the Film
  • Unrated Version of the Film
  • The Recovered Files – nearly 30 minutes of ‘found footage’
  • UltraViolet
  • Digital Copy

Expect Paranormal Activity 4 to hit stores on January 29th, 2013.