Red Band Trailer And Clip From Upcoming Blu-Ray Breathless

Jesse Baget’s newest dark comedy/thriller Breathless is coming to Blu-Ray in just a couple of weeks and today we have a brand new red band trailer and a brief clip from the film, which stars Gina Gershon, Kelli Giddish, Val Kilmer and Ray Liotta.

First up is the red band trailer, which offers up a mostly awkward approach to the whole situation, which doesn’t come off as funny as you’d think. The film is about two friends that try and steal money from one of their husbands, by killing him and somehow getting rid of the body before the sheriff gets wind of the whole situation.

It looks like a horror/comedy hybrid that doesn’t really nestle in the dark category as much as it nestles in the oddly toned category. I’m all for the occasional weird horror comedy, but Breathless might be crossing over into one genre more than the other, which could result in a disaster.

Check out the red band trailer for yourself below:

Next up is a clip titled The Solution, which features Gershon and Giddish as they discuss how they’re going to go about cutting up Val Kilmer’s character. It doesn’t really last long enough for us to get an idea of the film’s tone or even the chemistry between the two leads, but it does reveal the initial sanity of at least one of them, while the other tries convincing her to help cut up the body.

Watch the clip below:

Anchor Bay will be releasing Breathless on Blu-Ray on August 14th, 2012. Here’s a synopsis from the press release:

In Texas the most deadly weapon is an unappreciated woman. This August, Anchor Bay Films presents the gory, cunning comedy/thriller that will leave a welcomed bad taste in your mouth with BREATHLESS. This Texas gothic tale from director Jesse Baget (WRESTLEMANIAC, the upcoming CELLMATES) and Academy Award® winning executive producer Nicolas Chartier (THE HURT LOCKER) comes to Blu-ray/DVD Combo and DVD on August 14th.

Lorna (Gina Gershon, SHOWGIRLS, P.S. I LOVE YOU) is a strong-willed Texas woman who’s had enough of heruntrustworthy husband Dale’s (Val Kilmer, TOP GUN, BATMAN FOREVER) criminal acts and lack of husbandry. Fed up, she enlists the help of her old friend, Tiny (Kelli Giddish, NBC’s “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”), to help her figure out what to do with Dale after his latest double-cross involving the theft of $100,000 from a bank.

As the girls brainstorm for a “neat” solution, they medicate themselves with only the best of prescriptions -Tennessee whiskey – which leads them to even bigger problems. When Sheriff Cooley (Ray Liotta,GOODFELLAS, HANNIBAL) inconveniently enters the conundrum, the story evolves into a tale of revenge and survival that resolves in true Texas fashion: bold and ruthless.