Roland Emmerich’s Anonymous To Blu-Ray In February

Sony Home Entertainment has announced Roland Emmerich‘s historical thriller Anonymous for Blu-Ray in February. Emmerich is a director best known for big budget disaster films like 2012 and The Day After Tomorrow so naturally the announcement of Anonymous interests me. The film’s original wide release was scrapped last minute by Sony, which is never a good sign and instead they released it slowly in limited release.

It never really caught on and ended up sort of simmering away without much fuss. I never actually got a chance to check out the film, but our very own Amy Curtis did and you can read here review right here. She had this to say about Anonymous:

Anonymous is an effective period drama with some great intrigue. It takes a controversial topic and transforms it into a thrilling political mystery. Emmerich hasn’t re-written history with this film, but he has taken a look at it through a different lens. The period elements and costuming are spot on, and Emmerich’s moody atmosphere and authentic candlelit-lighting style make for a visual and intellectual cinematic feast.

The film will come with a 1080p video transfer, a 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track, a commentary track by director Roland Emmerich and writer John Orloff and the following behind-the-scenes featurettes.

  • More Than Special Effects
  • Who Is The Real William Shakespeare?
  • Speak The Speech…

Anonymous will be released on Blu-Ray on February 7th, 2012.