Sleepwalk With Me Coming To Blu-Ray In December

MPI Home Video has announced the release of comedian Mike Birbiglia‘s latest film Sleepwalk with Me for Blu-Ray next month.

Comedians have always been known to wear multiple hats in the production of a film or show, but the idea hasn’t really took off until Louis C.K. started changing the landscape of delivering entertainment with his TV show and various online ways of watching his content. Since then other comedians like Mike Birbiglia have decided to step up and even direct their own films, as well as star in them.

The result of Birbiglia’s efforts is the original and fresh film Sleepwalk with Me. I was lucky enough to catch it when it made its rounds and I must say that it is a great effort on behalf of the filmmaker, but it does lose some steam towards the end.

Here’s a quote from my review:

Sleepwalk with Me is a great sophomore effort by comedian Mike Birbiglia, who takes on the role of director/writer/producer/actor in this charming and funny semi-autobiographical comedy. Ultimately, the film becomes an admirable, but flawed piece of work. The comedy bits work well, but the overall story leaves something to be desired.

The film will be coming to Blu-Ray with a confirmed theatrical trailer, but nothing else at this point.

Sleepwalk with Me will be available for purchase on December 18th, 2012.