Theatrical Cuts Of The Original Star Wars Trilogy Possibly Heading To Blu-Ray


Are you still seething with rage that George Lucas made hundreds of unnecessary changes – adding in CGI, removing scenes, adding scenes, etc – to his original Star Wars films, which were widely considered to be perfect already? Did you opt not to buy the recently released Blu-Ray box-set trilogy in protest to the ever-so greedy George Lucas? Maybe you did actually buy them, but instead of watching them, you used the discs as a coaster.

Whatever the case may be, a leaked marketing email is now floating around, detailing plans to re-release the original trilogy of Star Wars films (Star Wars: A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi) on Blu-Ray in their unaltered theatrical forms.

This is certainly some fascinating news, but it is important to note that, while Disney now owns the Star Wars license, Fox still owns the rights to releasing the theatrical cuts in home video formats. In other words, before you get too excited, it may be best to wait for an official announcement as it is very possible that Disney and Fox are still trying to reach an agreement regarding the distribution of the original cuts. 

If I were a betting man though, I would count on a deal being reached, solely for the fact that releasing the films in their theatrical format would undoubtedly be financially lucrative for both parties.

The important thing now, however, is that sometime in the near future, you may be able to ditch your ancient VHS players and finally watch the original Star Wars films as they were intended.

And to that, I say, Hallelujah!

Source: Screen Crush