Universal Bringing Identity Thief To Blu-Ray In June

Universal has announced Seth Gordon’s Identity Thief for Blu-Ray in June. The film stars Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy.

Seth Gordon is one of the only R-rated comedy directors that I absolutely cannot stand. Usually I’m one of the biggest suckers for R-rated comedy, because I’m easily amused when it comes to vulgar and inappropriate comedy. Just throw in some rude humor or some easy jokes and I’ll be rolling on the floor.

Apparently that doesn’t work with Seth Gordon, because he has now made two back-to-back R-rated comedies that I have deemed far from funny and mostly disappointing, especially when given the cast that he’s able to work with.

Identity Thief doesn’t fail because of Bateman or McCarthy. It instead fizzles out because of Gordon and his failure to capture comedy in the right moments and instead focusing on reoccurring gags that weren’t even funny the first time. He also does a great job making us hate his characters, despite them being mostly-good people.

Bateman and McCarthy show interest in the project and invest in almost every scene, but their hard work is counteracted by Gordon’s lacking direction in the comedy genre. I hope his next film is a step in the right direction, because he’s quickly turning me off on a lot of things that I generally love.

Our very own Lisa Elin had this to say about the film in her review:

Identity Theft is perfectly performed, often wildly funny, and a great movie night option for the not-easily-embarrassed.

The film will be coming to Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital Copy with an all-new unrated cut, as well as the following bonus material:

  • The Making of Identity Thief
  • Scene Stealing: Capturing the Humor of Identity Thief
  • The Skiptracer’s Van – An in-character Robert Patrick and his most beloved possession
  • Alternate Takes
  • Gag Reel

Identity Thief will be available to purchase on June 4th, 2013.