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Brad Pitt, a… sculptor?

Pitt's artwork is described by the actor as "brutally honest."

Brad Pitt
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An actor, a producer, a philanthropist, and now a sculptor. Brad Pitt is taking a leap in the art world from the Seventh Art to sculpture by displaying his work in Tampere, Finland.

The exhibition at the The Sara Hilden Art Museum, titled “WE”, was initially entirely dedicated to British artist Thomas Houseago, but he convinced the organization to include Pitt, as well as musician Nick Cave’s pieces too, as reported by the Associated Press.

This is the first time either Pitt or Cave have shared any of their work in sculpture. The actor and the musician’s pieces were “created during the course of an ongoing dialogue with Houseago,” the Tempere museum said.

The Academy Award-winning actor has eight works showing at the exhibition in total, in materials ranging from silicon to plaster, and including wood. Among them is a plaster panel of a shooting scene called “Aiming At You I Saw Me But It Was Too Late This Time,” which was the first piece Pitt concluded in 2022.

According to People, Pitt was working with Houseago as early as 2016.

Talking to Finnish public broadcaster YLE about the meaning of his art work, the actor said “It’s about, you know, where have I gotten it wrong in my relationships? Where have I misstepped? Where I am complicit?”.

Pitt goes on to explain that his sculptures came from a place of brutal honesty, as “a radical inventory of self.” The experience was about “taking account of those I may have hurt and moments I’ve just gotten wrong,” the actor shared.

These are striking statements given the recent revelations about Pitt’s alleged violent behavior toward his ex-wife Angelina Jolie and their children.

The exhibition opened on Sunday and will be available to visit until Jan. 15 of next year.

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