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Brie Larson has made her own custom Wordle

The 'Captain Marvel' actress stumps fans this morning with her own entry into the Wordle world via Twitter

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There seems to be no end in sight for the ever popular Wordle craze, as countless copycats pepper the internet en masse. With a new twist, Actress Brie Larson (Captain Marvel and Room) has made her own daily word-based puzzle — tweeting a link to her custom Wordle earlier this morning.

Now wordsmiths can create their own Wordle for friends, family — or in Brie’s case, fans —to try out. This development adds a new spin on the classic genre, giving people the opportunity to test their literary acumen while adding a layer of connectivity that the original game lacks. 

For those curious, it’s easy; go to this website, choose a word of any length, enter it into the game creator, and finally generate a custom link to send out to your unsuspecting victims. The real genius in the game’s mechanics is the fact that a word of any given length can be chosen, only upping the difficulty level and frustrating your friends.  

Brie’s word was a little more complicated than you might think, so be prepared for a challenge. And no, it has nothing to do with Captain Marvel. Followers of the actress took to the comments to proclaim their victory or defeat, and share their own custom games. 

It’s clear that games like Wordle or its many spin-offs bring us all closer together, and allow for a little fun along the way. Which is music to the ears for those that love a challenge.

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