Watch Doja Cat accomplish one of her lifelong goals: singing like an ‘Animal Crossing’ villager

doja cat animal crossing
Credit: TikTok / @dojacat / Nintendo

Pop girlie and meme queen Doja Cat just tried to sing like an Animal Crossing villager, publishing a clip that slaps as hard as “Bubblegum K.K”.

The singer, whose real name is Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, said in a TikTok posted on Wednesday one of her lifelong accomplishments was “to speak like an Animal Crossing villager”. Me too, sis.

So she did just that. She adorably mumbled like Ankha and then sang a cheeky and chibi tune like when your fave villagers randomly do on Mother Lake Island. It was very fkn cute.

Doja stans ate up the video. Several of them joked they understood chibi animal island speak and knew what Doja was saying.

“I can’t believe you just said that… cancelled ✋🏻,” joked one stan.

“The end 😂 I need that Animal Crossing town tune,” added another. Same bestie.

One Ninten-diehard fan felt Doja could voice her own Animal Crossing cat villager. Another begged Doja Cat to make the soundtrack to the next game.

Once again, Miss “Moo!” proved yet again that she’s the funniest celebrity on the clock app.

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