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Elon Musk enters his Hank Scorpio era, might actually be under investigation by the feds

It's been a big week for the billionaire/sh*tposter/perfumer.

Image: Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue / 20th Century Studios

Elon Musk could be in deep doo-doo, following a new report suggesting the billionaire is under investigation by federal agents.

Musk’s grand plans to purchase Twitter and become a real-life Charles Foster Kane are currently being closely looked at by federal authorities according to Twitter, as the social media company looks to attain files around “his conduct in connection with the acquisition” of the website.

According to the Financial Times, Twitter is seeking to get the evidence in order to compel Musk to finally close the deal and acquire the website, following several months of a cold war between the two parties. The deal fell apart a few months prior before Musk again agreed to purchase the app.

Twitter telling outlets he is under public investigation as the court filings are submitted puts substantial pressure on Musk to finally get things sorted, but his lawyer calls the whole thing a massive “misdirection”. It’s not even the most bizarre Musk-related news of the week, following the billionaire having to address the Kanye West controversy, as well as releasing his own strange fragrance.

By just being investigated, Musk’s reputation will take another blow, after being hit hard in recent months. The eccentric billionaire has attempted to meme and shitpost his way through many ordeals, as critics wonder what a Musk-owned Twitter would look like.

Somewhat surprisingly, Musk is yet to tweet about the ordeal. Considering his history of letting everyone knows his thoughts on any given topic, like The Rings of Power, it could be the evidence surrounding him is actually troubling and far from a misdirection.

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