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George Clooney calls marriage proposal to Amal a “disaster,” explains why

Clooney went on 'The Drew Barrymore Show' on Friday and explained why his marriage proposal to Amal was a comedy of errors.

George Clooney appeared on Friday’s edition of The Drew Barrymore Show and revealed that his marriage proposal to Amal went quite horribly, sans her eventual response.

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When asked by Drew what was his proposal like to Amal, Clooney did not hold back and replied, “It was a disaster.”

The couple had been dating for only six months when George decided to pop the question. To do so, he planned a romantic dinner that he cooked and even made a playlist that included several songs, including Frank Sinatra’s “Why Shouldn’t I?” while intending to propose during that particular song.

George explains that when the song came on, he wanted to light a candle so he asked Amal to grab a small box nearby because it has a lighter in it. The box actually had the ring in it. When Amal grabbed it, she opened it and saw it was ring and assumed it was the wrong box. She said, “It has a ring in it,” but George had to explain it was the right box and then he told Amal, “I want to be your wife.”

The legendary actor leaves out that he actually asked the question, though we can safely assume this is where he asked, “Will you marry me?” However, by that time, a new song came on the playlist called “Goody, Goody,” which is an old Frankie Lymon song that is more upbeat and not necessarily a good song to propose to, considering the lyrical content.

The lyrics include, “So you gave him your heart, too / Just as I gave mine to you / And he broke it in little pieces / And now how do you do?”

Clooney thought it would be a funny song to dance to later on but it happened to play immediately after “Why Shouldn’t I?”

At this point, Amal was repeating, “Oh my God!” until George finally said to her, “Listen. I really would like to marry you but I also am not young and I’ve been on my knee now for a while and I could lose a hip.”

And then, finally, Amal said “Yes,” many times over to George’s thankfulness and the couple’s delight. So, in the end, perhaps it was not so much a disaster as George claims. After all, it could’ve been a whole lot worse.