How long have Snoop Dogg and Shante Taylor been married?

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Snoop Dogg is one of the most legendary rappers in hip-hop history. With over three decades in the game, he’s amassed countless hits that have made his style and tone instantly recognizable to fans all around the world. From his laid-back delivery and clever wordplay to his smooth flow and gritty beats, he’s become a true icon in the rap scene. But what makes Snoop so legendary is not just how much he’s accomplished ⏤ aka his countless awards and even his most recent 2022 Super Bowl halftime show ⏤ but what he’s achieved in his personal life.

Snoop, some may be surprised to learn, has been in a committed relationship longer than he’s been in the rap industry. That’s right, when his famous album Doggystyle dropped in 1993, Snoop was already committed to Shante Monique Taylor, his high school sweetheart and creator of Boss Lady Entertainment, a music management company.

How long have Snoop Dogg and Shante Taylor been married?

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As of this writing, Snoop and Shante have been married for over 25 years, but they’ve been together for over 30. This makes them one of the longest-lasting couples in hip-hop history. The pair officially married in 1997, and as is the case with any high school sweethearts, experienced their fair share of growing pains, including struggles with divorce and infidelity.

As it turns out, Snoop filed for divorce from Shante in 2004, but never actually followed through with it, and their split didn’t last long. During that time, he opened up to MTV, saying:

“I was trying to get a divorce, but I went back home and I fell back in love with my wife and kids. A lot of times you get cloudy. This music industry is a mother, man, and it’ll take your vision and blur it. But God is good, so I understand that I need my wife and my kids in my life—so I threw the papers away. I don’t want to get a divorce. So if you hear about a divorce, it’ll be my wife divorcing me. It won’t be me divorcing her…And I made a mistake, so I’m trying to get back right.”

And get her back, he did. After devoting his time and energy to wooing his wife once more, Snoop and Shante got back together, proving themselves testaments to what loves looks like when you put in the hard work. The two renewed their vows in 2008 and now share share three children together ⏤ Corde Broadus, Cordell Broadus, and Cori Broadus ⏤ and several grandchildren. Additionally, Snoop has a fourth child, Julian Broadus, whom he had with a ex-partner shortly before marrying Shante.

Needless to say, it hasn’t been an easy road for the Snoop and Shante Taylor Broadus, but some of the best things in life hardly are.