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Jaws drop as Richard Dreyfuss’ son casually admits to hunting a ‘drug addict’ for fun

The most dangerous game.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Social media all too often gives us a disturbing peek beyond the veil of what the mega-rich consider fun. However, it’s safe to say that Twitter was not ready for Richard Dreyfuss’ son Ben Dreyfuss‘ casual confession that he once paid a “drug addict” $50 to let him be hunted through the woods with a paintball gun.

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Dreyfuss very quickly deleted the tweets, but the internet never forgets, and screenshots swiftly started making the rounds. Popular streamer Hasan Piker succinctly described it as “the most insane thing I’ve read on here today”:

It appears that Dreyfuss’ initial reaction was to say that anyone who found the idea of hunting drug addicts monstrous were “little babies”, before going on a panicky deletion spree:

Since then, Dreyfuss appears to have adopted the age-old tactic of posting through it, though the replies to his subsequent tweets have been full of people gobsmacked at his admission, with one poster saying “so we are just going to pretend yesterday didn’t happen huh“?

Replies to Piker’s tweet are what you’d expect, with many poking fun at the notion that you can’t even hunt a human being without cancel culture getting involved:

Others point to how he dehumanized the victim by dismissing him as a “drug addict”:

Some naturally drew comparisons to The Hunger Games:

Or to Squid Game:

Or, inevitably, to American Psycho‘s Patrick Bateman:

It remains to be seen if there’s going to be any fallout from Dreyfuss’ bizarre confession, though we suspect that his history of coasting through life on the back of his dad’s fame and wealth will continue to smooth over any and all obstacles in his path.