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Paris Hilton’s fans shut down trolls after baby’s birth announcement

Fans of Paris Hilton slam cyberbullies for attacking her choice to have her child via gestational carrier.

Paris Hilton
Emma McIntyre/WireImage

After Paris Hilton shared news about the birth of her first child, internet trolls tried to cast a shadow on her happy day, only to be slammed by her fans for their insensitive comments.

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Cyberbullies slid into the comments of Hilton’s announcement about her new baby and spitefully accused the heiress of human trafficking because her son was born via gestational carrier.

Kaymarfar supported Hilton’s choice of starting her family through surrogacy, pointing out that surrogacy is a gift for people who struggle to conceive.

FrabbieNY had empathy for the unique challenges Hilton and her husband faced starting a family over 40 and celebrated the many ways people are building their families today.

Antikwash did not mince words, telling the troll to be quiet and recognize that surrogacy is an excellent option for many parents.

Rain0295 was disgusted by the criticism of Hilton and her husband having a child through a gestational carrier and pointed out that many women who face high-risk pregnancies welcome the option.

Unfortunately, it’s no surprise that Hilton has been targeted by cyberbullies. According to the US government, 85% of women and girls experience online harassment that usually aims to exert some degree of control over their reproductive lives. These comments often take the form of verbal abuse in the shape of put-downs, derogatory names, and cyberstalking. 

It’s encouraging to see her fans stand up for her and educate people about surrogacy so that Hilton and other parents like her can build their families in peace.