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Ryan Reynolds reminisces about his anxiety-inducing film thriller you’ve probably forgotten

A much-necessary tribute.

Ryan Reynolds recently shared a nostalgic moment on Twitter when he thanked the director Rodrigo Cortes and cinematographer Edy Grau for their brilliant work on the 2010 movie Buried. Commenting further, he revealed that the whole film – which never fails to induce anxiety and fear – was shot in only 16 days.

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If anyone has trouble remembering the film, it’s been 13 years since its release, but fans still recall Buried as a disturbing, bone-chilling, and claustrophobic example of nerve-shredding cinema.

The most praiseworthy element by far is Reynolds brilliant and nerve-wracking performance as Paul Conroy , ho wakes up to find himself trapped in a coffin, with the whole story revolving around him attempting to remember events that led to him being in such a position.

Reynolds tweet is in response to production designer Dave Blass’ appreciation for the film, where he lauded the actor’s performance and the unique, engrossing plot. Numerous applauds followed, where users concurred with the opinion.

Reynolds’ notable performance is immensely loved.

Praises continue to be showered on the film.

All said, Reynolds’ appearance and remarkable delivery in the thriller genre stand as a testimony to The Proposal star’s versatility as an actor, and going by the aforementioned comments, it’s certain that the fans would certainly want to see him in similar projects in the future.

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