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‘Star Trek’ empath Marina Sirtis is leaving Twitter after Elon Musk buyout

"[W]e can say goodbye but after that I’m gone." #MarinaSirtis #ElonMusk.

Marina Sirtis strikes a pose at a red carpet event.
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Marina Sirtis, the actor most famous for playing Deanna Troi on Star Trek: The Next Generation, has announced she is leaving the social media platform Twitter after the company was bought out by tech mogul Elon Musk. Sirtis made the announcement on the aforementioned social media platform:

“I’m sorry but I cannot be a part of anything owned by #ELONMUSK and his cabal of deplorable‘s. I’ll stay on for a couple of days so that we can say goodbye but after that I’m gone.”

The announcement from everyone’s favorite half-human half-Betazoid counselor for the USS Enterprise should come as no surprise since Musk becoming the new owner of Twitter has stirred quite a bit of backlash. This has included internet users declaring they’re going back to MySpace and people looking for more modern social media alternatives.

Musk’s own public controversies on Twitter range from public spats with Bernie Sanders to coming to the defense of rapper-turned-hate-speech-enthusiast Kanye West and spreading COVID-19 misinformation, as The Verge pointed out. All of this has culminated in Musk’s once respected image amongst progressives for publicly acknowledging climate change turning into a vocal disapproval for the world’s richest man.

With Musk’s buyout of Twitter being finalized this week, the new leadership at the company has seemingly already inspired the conspiracy-spewing Gina Carano, former star of The Mandalorian, to return. As We Got This Covered writer Beau Paul pointed out,

“While Carano herself was never banned from the site she did voluntarily deactivate her account last month (perhaps in a switch to Trump’s Truth Social social networking site). Fans of the former mixed martial artist suspected that her account had been banned but it appears that the deletion was voluntary and that Carano has re-joined the Twitterverse in hopes that new management will allow her to post whatever conspiracy theory she’s currently entertaining with impunity.”

Time will tell if Twitter will become a dumpster fire in the coming months like many people, including Sirtis, seem to believe.

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