‘Wednesday’ star Emma Myers to star in upcoming Netflix comedy alongside Jennifer Garner

Photo via Netflix

Emma Myers has made a name for herself in a very short period of time thanks to her breakout appearance in the hit Netflix show Wednesday. She is about to appear once again for the streaming giant, this time in a movie opposite Jennifer Garner. The comedy Family Leave is a body-swap comedy a la Freak Friday, except this time it isn’t just a mother-daughter adventure, the whole family is along for the ride.

The comedy will star Myers, Garner, Ed Helms (The Office, The Hangover), and Brady Noon (Good Boys) as CC Walker, Jess Walker, Bill Walker, and Wyatt Walker respectively. The film is based on the book Bedtime For Mommy by Amy Krouse-Rosenthal with the script being adapted by writer Victoria Strouse and directed by Joseph McGinty Nichol. Garner is also taking on a producer role.

Over on the Netflix website, Tudum, the film synopsis reads,

“The four members of the Walker family find themselves in a classically inconvenient Freaky Friday-style body swap, courtesy of an ill-timed visit to an astrological reader. In order to get back into their bodies, parents and children will have to learn to truly relate to and understand one another. Not an easy task, especially on a busy day full of college interviews, soccer tryouts and other life-changing events. “

As the Walkers go about trying to get into their original bodies, they meet a variety of colorful characters that create a rather large ensemble. This includes Rita Moreno, Matthias Schweighöfer, Bashir Salahuddin, Andrew Bachelor, and Xosha Roquemore, among others.