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What is Isabella Jane Cruise doing now?

Her preference for privacy has made her tricky to pin down.

Tom Cruise, Isabella Jane Cruise, and Nicole Kidman appear in a collage of images together.
Images via Isabella Jane Cruise's Instagram/Pascal Le Segretain and Alberto E. Rodriguez for Getty Images. Remix by Danny Peterson.

Sure, we all know who Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman are. They’re two of the world’s most famous celebrities, after all. But what about their daughter, Isabella Jane Cruise?

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Shortly before Tom and Nicole divorced in 2001, the famous actors adopted children Isabella and Connor Cruise at a very young age. Isabella is currently 30 years old and lives in England with her husband, IT consultant, Max Parker. The two tied the knot in 2015 and have been living together in London ever since.

Insight into her personal life is challenging given her preference for privacy, but here’s everything we could dig up.

What is Isabella Jane Cruise up to nowadays?

Because Isabella — or Bella — lives a much more private life than her famous parents, there is scant insight into her personal life. Much of what is known about her has been derived from interviews or her work as an artist.

We know she lives just outside of London, according to a recent interview with Kidman in Grazia. “You know, she really feels more English,” Kidman said. “We lived there for Eyes Wide ShutMission Impossible, and The Portrait of a Lady. They both had English accents when they were little.”

We also know she shares the same creative genes as her parents, although hers manifests in the form of visual art instead of acting. She launched her own fashion line in 2020 called Bella Kidman Cruise, and in 2021, displayed an exhibition of her work in Los Angeles, according to her Instagram.

In Dec. 2022 we got a rare glimpse at Bella in an Instagram post. It’s only a quick flash of the side of her face, but that’s more than some years combined. It also confirms that she still resides in London.

Nowadays, Bella has pulled back on her involvement on Instagram. Whereas she would post multiple times a month in 2022, by mid-2023 she only posted a handful of times, all of which were uploads of her artwork or shots of picturesque scenery. Her website remains stagnant for the most part, with displays of various T-shirts and art pieces available for purchase.

Isabella Jane Cruise wearing a white puff sleeve crop top with a tiny white bow in the middle of her chest and her signature septum ring nose piercing.
Screengrab via @bellakidmancruise/Instagram

On Sept. 17, Bella shared a rare selfie on her Instagram Story alongside the caption “What a summer.” In the photo, Bella is wearing a white puff-sleeve crop top with a tiny white bow in the middle of her chest and her signature septum ring nose piercing. Her hair is still dark brunette, with short bangs in the front and long hair past her shoulders in the back.

Does Isabella Jane Cruise practice Scientology?

Yes, like her father, Bella practices Scientology. In 2019, it was revealed that she completed an internship to become an auditor for the Church of Scientology in London, according to the Scientology outlet The Underground Bunker.

Bella’s association with the religion has led to a distant relationship with her mother, who does not practice. Kidman confirmed her daughter’s association with the religious organization when she spoke with Australia’s Who magazine in 2018, saying, “They have made choices to be Scientologists and as a mother, it’s my job to love them.”

Bella’s relationship with her father, on the other hand, presumably remains in good standing since both are active members of the church. According to the church’s doctrine, active members are not allowed to stay in contact with people who do not believe in the church; such non-believers are designated by Scientology as “SP,” or “suppressive person(s).” This explains why Tom allegedly has an estranged relationship with his other daughter Suri Cruise, per Page Six, with whom he shares with Dawsons Creek actress and ex-wife Katie Holmes.

Indeed, Bella’s private personal life mirrors the privacy surrounding most aspects of the Church of Scientology. All we really know about her is that she’s an artist, a Scientologist, and the daughter of two of the world’s most famous celebrities. Anything beyond that — well, she’s in no hurry to fill us in.