Why does MrBeast give away his money?

MrBeast - net worth

If you’re a fan of content creators on social media, specifically YouTube, the name MrBeast is probably a regular part of your vocabulary. Jimmy Donaldson goes by his moniker MrBeast, and his YouTube channel features everything from charitable acts to popular challenges — and most popularly — his videos where he gives away his money.

In what has become known as “stunt philanthropy”, MrBeast gives money, goods, and often fresh starts to those who cross his path, and it’s pretty incredible to watch. He’s adopted out entire dog shelters (while providing new owners with everything they need to take their pets home), partnered with homeless shelters and hospitals, and even worked with a NASA Engineer for an Arbor Day initiative.

MrBeast is incredibly charitable; giving to others is something that’s always been important to him — and his status as a YouTube celebrity has allowed him to do just that. So why does MrBeast work so closely with charity? Why does he just give his money away?

MrBeast has a heart for giving to others

MrBeast has said several times that he wants to use his influence to give things away — he isn’t after a certain level of success to benefit himself. He wants to use his status to help others. Ideally, his big game plan is to open homeless shelters and food banks and then give the money that he’s made off of his channel away.

He’s not waiting until he makes his big dreams come true to create special moments along the way.

He has stocked several food banks throughout his time on YouTube, given to homeless shelters, raised money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital, helped people fund large purchases such as cars and homes — and even given people vehicles and houses. Mr. Beast wants to make the world a better place, and that journey starts with one person, one day, and one moment.

MrBeast’s desire to help the world is also a great motivator for his followers, especially those younger than him who can look up to his channel and the words he says and find inspiration to do the same. Several celebrities do great things, but sometimes the more profound meaning can get lost. With Mr. Beast, it’s the focus of everything he does.

MrBeast just celebrated a huge milestone

He celebrated 100,000,000 subscribers today, and fellow YouTubers were happy to share praise and congratulations with the philanthropist. Several say that besides his work for others, he inspires them in their journey as content creators.

His fans are excited to share in this significant moment with him, and it’s been a talk of social media today. His celebration is one that those close to him can share with him because he often invites them in to do beautiful things as well. MrBeast’s friends are in stride with him as they do good for others.

If you search MrBeast on Twitter, you’ll see a slew of congratulations being shared today. You can send him some of your own as well if you love the message he’s sending.

Some of MrBeast’s best videos and giveaways

‘Giving 1,000,000 Of Food To People In Need’ was a challenge MrBeast did where, well, he gave 1,000,000 worth of food to those in need. Through the video, he helped explain why it was so important to give to food banks and help those who are struggling with hunger.

‘I Adopted EVERY Dog In A Dog Shelter’ was a video that took MrBeast nine months to film, and it was worth every second. He picked an animal shelter and made it his goal to get every single dog adopted. He took out advertising, printed flyers, and worked with the public to give the dogs new homes.

He also sent their new owners home with rewards for picking the shelter animals, including food, funds, and treats/toys for their new furry friends.

‘I Opened A FREE BANK’ was also a massive video for MrBeast. He genuinely did just what the title says — opened a bank and decided to give money to those who needed it. The stories of the people who came in were everything from heartbreaking to heartwarming, and the ability to help those who need it most is something important to him.

You could get lost in the videos on MrBeast’s page, and you’ll find it even more endearing when you find out that the reason he gives so much is simply that he wants to. He enjoys creating exciting content, doing something audiences love to see, and using that platform to brighten other people’s lives.