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Why on Earth is Andrew Tate photoshopping himself with anime waifus?

Anime girls bring unsimpering, giga-chad masculinity to heel.

Andrew Tate anime girl
Image via @Cobratate/Twitter

The latest display of Andrew Tate‘s cognitive nosedive comes in the form of absurd Twitter posts that raise a very interesting question: Is Tate now trying to redeem himself by stepping away from all of that alpha male baloney and becoming a man of culture by embracing anime waifus?

In Tate’s bizarre world of computer simulation delusions and getting oh so utterly owned by 20-year-old climate activists, weird is as weird does. One moment, you find him going on and on about how you should find the strength of will to hack the “system” and rise above, and the next, he’s trying to get himself and his followers to truly buy into the fantasy that he’s some sort of masculinity messiah, come to deliver us from our suffering with a string of pseudo-intellectual motivational blurbs that would make even Anthony Robbins blush.

Well, we’re not sure what those followers would have to say about him posing next to anime girls for some reason. Perhaps someone should remind the dude that photoshopping yourself next to cartoons isn’t the way to promote your alpha dog status. Or is this some half-hearted last attempt to cater to his more, um, “refined” followers?

Believe it or not, it isn’t just one post. Tate really enjoys seeing himself next to anime girls, even though he himself is as far from an anime protagonist in both looks and personality as one could possibly be.

We’re all wondering the same thing right now: What happened in that prison cell in Romania?

Not much to add to that, but if Andrew Tate suddenly starts to quote Eren Yeager, I think we should all be genuinely concerned.

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