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YouTuber Blaire White may be the next Alex Jones with incoming lawsuit

A GoFundMe campaign takes aim at the controversial YouTuber.

Blair White faces defamation lawsuit
Image via @BlairWhiteX / YouTube

Blaire White is about to be put under the microscope should one of her previous targets, Eli Erlick, raise enough funds to take her to court.

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Erlick alleges that White has actively defamed her and many other people in the trans community. Erlick accused White of baselessly denouncing her as a pedophile, groomer, and drug trafficker in a YouTube video back in August.

Through this lawsuit, Erlick has outright stated her intention to make White “the next Alex Jones,” who has previously been proven guilty of defamation and made to pay damages to aggrieved parties. White previously hosted Jones on her podcast, with the interview pinned to the homepage of her YouTube channel.

Alex Jones, meanwhile, infamously hosted antisemitic rapper Kanye West on his “InfoWars” program last week, during which West expressed appreciation for Adolf Hitler

According to Erlick’s GoFundMe campaign, White has publicly admitted to defaming other trans individuals including the likes of Janae Marie Kroc and Riley J Denni in the past, however none of the aforementioned aggrieved parties has ever taken White to court before. 

Erlick is an American activist and academic and the founder of the Trans Student Educational Resources organization. Should the fundraising prove successful, Erlick’s defamation case will be handled by the law firm Cohen & Green. Erlick states that any funding beyond that target can be used to help gather further evidence to bolster her case against White and that any additional overflow of funding will be used in similar litigation or donated to trans rights groups such as the Marsha P Johnson Institute and the Trans Justice Funding Project.

At the time of writing, Erlick has raised just shy of $4,000 of the targeted $60,000 four days into the campaign.