First Iron Man 2020 Trailer Introduces A New Hero For A New Era


With 2019 now coming to a close – I know, it’s hard to believe – the more avid collectors among you are likely beginning to plan out which comic books you’ll be adding to your pull list come 2020. And while there are certainly a lot of good options already beginning to emerge, one of the most enticing comes from the House of Ideas.

Yes, as you surely know by now, Marvel have begun teasing the major story arc that is Iron Man 2020. Essentially, it’ll see Tony Stark’s brother, Arno Stark, stepping into the armor following a pivotal development involving the hero who everyone seems to love 3000. And if you simply can’t wait until the New Year to learn more about what’s coming our way, we’ve got some good news for you, as the company has now offered up the first trailer for the book.

Seen above, it teases an arc that Marvel says will “redefine” Iron Man forever when it kicks off next month. It certainly looks exciting and in case you missed it the other month, here’s what Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort had to say regarding the story:

“Like the inexorable turning of pages on a calendar, we’ve been building up to the arrival of 2020 and the advent of Arno Stark as Iron Man ever since this latest run began. Here, all of the larger themes we’ve been playing with will come to the fore in a big, sweeping, epic action movie that anyone can enjoy!”

Meanwhile, the series’ description offers up some more details, as it reads as follows:

“This 6-issue series will also continue to raise thought-provoking questions about what it means to be an artificial intelligence. As the story unfolds, expect to see your favorite Marvel robotic characters from Vision and Jocasta to Albert and Elsie-Dee in what’s shaping up to be a true ‘Robot Revolution.’ Also keep an eye out for upcoming announcements about the exciting tie-ins that will accompany this epic event featuring some of your favorite armored characters!”

With Iron Man 2020 set to be with us on January 15th, you can be sure the promotion will begin to ramp up. But already, we’re hooked. After all, with Tony Stark now gone from the MCU – barring a possible cameo in Black Widow – we need to get our fix of the hero somewhere and this book will likely scratch that itch when it drops early next year. Don’t miss it.