Marvel Comics Announces The Death Of Rocket Raccoon


We don’t know what fate awaits the talking trash panda in this month’s Avengers: Endgame, but it seems that Rocket’s comic book career is about to hit a major snag.

Marvel Comics has announced that an upcoming arc of the Guardians of the Galaxy series will be titled “The Death of Rocket Raccoon.” When promoting comics coming up this July, the House of Ideas revealed the shocking title of the next storyline to come from Donny Cates’ recently-rebooted Guardians book.

Interestingly, Rocket hasn’t actually been featured as a member of the team in this line-up, with only Star-Lord and Groot from the movies retaining their places. However, the character does play a part in the Avengers: No Road Home bi-weekly series.

Over on the big screen, of course, it’s a very different story, as Rocket is one of only two Guardians left alive following Thanos’ apocalyptic finger snap at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. The most recent Endgame trailer teased a heartbreaking moment when Nebula returns to Earth and informs him that all their friends are dead. No doubt this will inspire him to do all he can to help the Avengers defeat the Mad Titan and reverse his evil deeds.

Cates’ Guardians reboot has currently only been going for three issues, but has been a fun ride so far. The all-new roster includes classic choices such as Phylla-Vell, Moondragon and Nova, and they’re joined by left-field newcomers like Cosmic Ghost Rider (that’s Frank Castle from the future, for those not in the know).

Marvel kicks off “The Death of Rocket Raccoon” arc with Guardians of the Galaxy #7, from writer Donny Cates and artist Cory Smith. The cover for this issue (seen above) comes from David Marquez and you can expect it in stores this July.