‘Ms. Marvel’ fan recreates iconic comic cover art with LEGO

Image via Disney Plus

Disney Plus is set to debut the next Marvel hero next week Ms. Marvel and, getting into the spirit of things, one Marvel fan has recreated the cover from one of the heroes’ most iconic comics in LEGO.

Reddit user Dekuscrubster73 shared their creation of Ms. Marvel #5 in Lego. This cover showcases the hero sitting on a lamppost looking over the New York skyline.

Those familiar with the comic will admire how perfectly the visual has been captured with LEGO and even those who haven’t read the issue may recognize the scene. The cover inspired the poster art that has been shared for the upcoming Disney Plus series — be it with some slight changes.

The attention to detail wasn’t just put in for the scene, but also for the comic issue details which can be seen at the base of the build. Included have been the tags for Marvel Comics’ branding, the writer and artist who worked on the release, and of course its issue number.

Image via Reddit

If you aren’t familiar with Ms. Marvel, this 2014 comic run by G. Willow Wilson is a great place to start. Likewise, you can get up to speed on the character by checking out the new Disney Plus special A Fan’s Guide to Ms. Marvel which just dropped ahead of the series premiere.

Ms. Marvel will air its first episode on June 8 and continue with weekly additions until the series reaches its conclusion. You can check out the official trailer for the series here.