Secret Empire Epilogue Implies We Haven’t Seen The Last Of Evil Captain America


Although Secret Empire technically concluded last month with its tenth issue, a few threads were left dangling. Luckily for us though, an epilogue of sorts has arrived in the form of Secret Empire: Omega #1. In addition to hinting that Black Widow may very well be still alive, writer Nick Spencer continued laying the groundwork for the next year or so of Marvel storytelling by teasing what lies ahead for the Punisher.

Still, it’s hard to argue that the main drawing point was that of the confrontation involving the two Steve Rogers, one being the former leader of Hydra who now finds himself imprisoned for his attempted takeover, and the other being the classic Captain America we know and love. Having been recently manifested thanks to the living Cosmic Cube, Kobik, the latter has reemerged as the Sentinel of Liberty that readers are familiar with.

So, after having engaged in a battle for the ages in Secret Empire #10, the Steves instead have a war of words in Omega. And while you can check out some highlights in the preview gallery found above, it’s highly recommended that you pick up the issue for yourself in order to see Hydra Cap’s side of the argument.

What does come as a shock, though, is that some out there still share his twisted ideology even after his defeat as one prison guard whispers “Hail Hydra” into his ear. If we’re to take this at face value, it stands to reason that the former Hydra Supreme won’t remain behind bars for too long and will give the Marvel Universe another round of headaches at some point. As such, all we can really do right now is play the waiting game.

Secret Empire: Omega #1 is now available in comic shops.