New Star Wars Comic Reveals The Origins Of Leia And Poe’s Bond


Poe Dameron was instrumental in the Resistance’s triumph over the First Order during the events of the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy, but Leia knew the high-spirited pilot from a much earlier age than you’d imagine.

Among the three main protagonists in the last movie of the saga, Poe was the closest the Resistance had to a veteran fighter. In addition to that, the character seemed to have developed a close bond with General Leia over the years, though it was never fully explored. And while other canon media have already attempted to show his origins, we never had a sense of how close his parents truly were to the Rebel Alliance and its leaders.

Now, the latest issue of Marvel’s ongoing Star Wars series finally reveals when the princess saw the kid first. In new preview pages for Star Wars #12, Poe’s father, Kes, shows Leia pictures of his wife and son. And even then, it seems as though the young Skywalker twin senses something in the boy that reminds her of Han Solo.

You can check out the official synopsis and the previews for yourself below:

LEIA ORGANA and KES DAMERON share stories of their lost loves! Learn how POE DAMERON’S parents met! Learn the real reason HAN SOLO is so important to THE REBELLION!

Of course, Poe’s parents were invaluable to the Alliance back in the first war. His mother Shara was one of the best A-Wing pilots the Rebels had, and she went on to become a part of the Starlight Squadron, whose task was to find scattered members of their force after the Battle of Hoth. Poe’s father, meanwhile, served the cause as a member of the elite infantry unit known as the Pathfinders.

In the previous issue of the Star Wars comic, Shara gets captured and taken aboard a Star Destroyer and now, Kes is worried that something might’ve happened to her, which leads to him sharing that emotional moment with the Alderaanian royalty, setting in motion what would ultimately become the relationship dynamic between Leia and Poe in the sequels.