Wade Wilson Is Out For Blood In Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Again #1 First Look


The great thing about comic books set in alternate universes is that creators get to cut loose and tell stories that would never, ever fly in continuity proper. In recent years, fan favorite books such as Marvel Zombies tore the house down, much like the two instances when Deadpool and Punisher killed the Marvel Universe, respectively.

Well, get ready for round two because the Merc with a Mouth, much like Machete, is about to prove that he, too, can kill again in the obviously titled Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Again. If you’re just arriving to the dance, you may wonder how an encore is even possible, but it was made clear when this title was announced back in April that this is a different ballgame, something series writer Cullen Bunn elaborated on:

“This is not a sequel to the original story. This is an all new murderous rampage. The Marvel Universe has changed a great deal since the first series. So, of course, Deadpool had to up his game and change his tactics.”

As is the case with any sequel, there’s the inherent quality of one-upmanship. In other words, Randy’s wisdom displayed in Scream 2 applies here: “More blood, more gore – carnage candy!”

“Deadpool is pulling out all the stops on this killing spree,” continues Bunn. “In the second issue of the original series, he killed Spider-Man. In the second issue of this series, he goes after the entire Spider-Man family. And that’s not all. Good ol’ Wade is approaching these kills in all new ways, and he’s going after huge targets. How does Deadpool kill an entire pantheon of mythic beings? You’ll find out in the first issue. And that’s just the beginning of the carnage.”

Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Again #1 is slated to arrive in comic shops on July 18. In the meantime, be sure to check out some of Dalibor Talajic’s insanely detailed interiors in the gallery at the top, in addition to Jay Fosgitt’s cover that puts a cutesy spin on mass murder.

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