Wolverine Stops By The Mighty Thor #703 For Second Post-Credits Scene


By now, I’m sure many of you know to stay after the credits whenever seeing the latest Marvel movie and, likewise, wonder where the heck everyone else is going when they begin to roll. I mean, haven’t people learned their lesson on numerous occasions since the first Iron Man flick debuted back in 2008?

Anyway, now that 2018 is underway, the House of Ideas have implemented a similar flourish in their comic books, specifically involving Wolverine. As you may have heard by now, the 616 Logan that we all love is once again among the living, having returned this past fall in the Marvel Legacy one-shot. Still, much mystery surrounds the resurrected icon, particularly why he’s not dead anymore – and how he came into possession of an Infinity Stone.

So, after already putting in a cameo in a recent issue of Captain America, Logan has now decided to stop by The Mighty Thor #703 for what can be termed as another missed connection.

You see, in this instance, he could’ve easily found the person he was looking for, but he chose not to. As it turns out, that person was none other than Jane Foster, and he showed up at the hospital she’s said to be staying at. Flowers in hand, he presented the thoughtful gift to a doctor with instructions to give them to Ms. Foster – but there’s no card.

Why he’d bring flowers to Jane currently remains a mystery to us because we don’t normally associate these two characters with each other. But one would assume that this and other pertinent questions will likely be answered in the upcoming Infinity Countdown miniseries.

How Marvel explores these plots is sure to make for a fun read, but for now, be sure to follow Wolverine to his final “post-credits” appearance this month in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man #794.