Kevin Feige could save a fortune if he visits Netflix’s auction of Defenders Saga memorabilia

luke cage season 2 finale
via Marvel Television

Have you ever wanted to own a bona fide piece of Marvel history? Are you a collector? A fan of Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Daredevil or any of the other Marvel Defenders? You’re in luck because there’s currently an auction going on and it’s surprisingly affordable (well some of the objects are anyway).

From Jan. 12 through Jan. 26, you can bid on things from Marvel’s TV shows during the Marvel Television Online Auction. There are 501 (!) pages of various random items, so even the most picky of Marvel fans could probably find something they like.

Any interest in “Misty Knight’s Cybernetic Arm” from Luke Cage? It can be yours for $600. Maybe that’s not so affordable but that’s on the higher side. How about “Wilson Fisk’s Bloodied Wedding Tuxedo” from Daredevil? Also $600.

Looking for something for a tighter budget? How about “Jessica’s Stunt Horse Daydream Dress” from Jessica Jones? That can be yours for $100. Of course, it’s an auction so these asking prices could very well inflate like the national debt in a recession.

Here’s another good one (although where would you put it), “Pop’s Barber Shop Chair” from Luke Cage is also up for auction. Fun! So how does it work? Pretty easy, actually. Find something you like, register for the auction with a credit card and then enjoy all the real-life (well digital) excitement that comes from hoping someone doesn’t outbid you at the last moment.

Seriously there’s so much stuff it’s impossible to list but if you’re into this kind of thing then this is kind of a dream.