Jon Snow meets a distant Targaryen relative at ‘Game of Thrones’ Convention

Featuring Jon Snow

The first official Game of Thrones fan convention came to a close a few days ago, celebrating everything about George R.R Martin’s world. It seems that House of the Dragon has by and large washed the bad taste of the original series finale out of fans’ mouths, and everyone is looking forward to what comes next.

One particularly delightful crossover to come out of the event was the collision of two distant generations of Targaryens, with Kit Harrington and Paddy Considine, who portrays Jon Snow on Thrones and King Viserys on House of the Dragon respectively, stopping for a photo op with one another. 

We’d like to think that the pair would have gotten along had they existed at the same point in Westerosi history, alas, this did not come to be. Viserys met his heart-wrenching demise well before the days of the original Game of Thrones series, while Jon went through hell and back to ultimately end up being sent back to The Wall where his journey in season one began.

Other stars present from the HBO franchise included Steve Toussaint and Matthew Needham, who portray Corlys Velaryon and Larys Strong respectively on House of the Dragon.

While speaking at the convention, Kit Harrington gave fans a slight idea of what we can expect from the Jon Snow spinoff series, without directly addressing the greenlit show. Let’s just say, things are looking fairly bleak for the fan-favorite character

The excellent first season of House of the Dragon seemed to go by in a blur, making the long, long wait for season two all the more agonizing. Still, despite a tentative 2024 release window, we’re still more likely to revisit that era of Westeros before we catch up with a post-Thrones Jon Snow.