4 Great Games That You Can Play On PS4 For Free Right Now


With gaming becoming something of an unintended hobby of many due to spending more time at home, platform owners are doing everything they can to make sure everyone has something to play during the lockdown. Sony, in particular, has been heavily discounting a number of triple-A experiences over the last several weeks and even outright giving some away, but even beyond special promotions and the like, PlayStation 4 is home to a number of games that come free as standard all year round.

Seasoned gamers will no doubt be familiar with at least one or two of those present on this particular list, though even if you’ve perhaps tried all of them in the past, the frequently evolving nature of each makes return visits definitely worth a shot. For the price of absolutely nothing, after all, you can’t go wrong.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in, shall we?

Apex Legends

Having burst onto the scene just over a year ago, Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale blends hero-based gameplay with the adrenaline-fueled knockout rules popularized by titles like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite to produce a top-quality first-person shooter that caters to both casual fans and hardcore competitors alike. For a rundown of the latest goings-on in Kings Canyon, see here.


Having recently celebrated its 7th birthday, Warframe is packed with an eye-watering amount of content that can often prove overwhelming for newcomers. Developer Digital Extremes has overhauled various elements of the action-RPG in recent years that streamlines the new-player experience, with end game-oriented updates and expansions still delivered on a regular basis.


Hungry for a simpler, more accessible gameplay experience akin to Capcom’s Monster Hunter World? Phoenix Labs’ Dauntless has you covered. Make no mistake, toppling one of the action-RPG’s many Behemoths certainly is no easy task, but you and a group of friends can jump straight into the action without having to worry about incremental upgrades and the like. There’s a fluidity to gameplay here not present in Capcom’s storied franchise.


Heavily inspired by Nintendo’s all-star Super Smash Bros. fighting games, Brawlhalla provides the same delightful pick-up-and-play gameplay of its inspiration and has since become something of a regular attendee of eSports fixtures. If that’s not something that particularly interests you, however, Blue Mammoth’s brawler is the perfect party game for you and yours to enjoy.

So, there you have it. Four great titles available for free on PlayStation 4 that you can get stuck into right now. But tell us, will you be checking any of them out (if you haven’t already)? Sound off below and let us know.