5 Letter Words Starting with HA – Wordle Game Help

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via The New York Times online

Meat Loaf once sang that he would do anything for love, but what would he do to ace the day’s Wordle challenge?

Like a bat out of hell, each day players worldwide rush to the web browser game from The New York Times and try and one-up their peers within the allotted six guesses. Heaven can wait for the correct Wordle answer, and here’s a few gentle tips and tricks to get you that paradise by the dashboard light.

5 Letter Words Starting with HA

With just 135 words that fit the criteria, here are a few suggestions to get your motor running.

  • habit
  • habus
  • hacek
  • hacks
  • hadal
  • hadji
  • haems
  • hafiz
  • hafts
  • haiku
  • hails
  • hairy
  • hajji
  • hakes
  • halal
  • halts
  • hamza
  • hangs
  • harem
  • harpy
  • harsh
  • harts
  • haunt
  • haves
  • havoc
  • hawks
  • hazel

Wordle preys on your knowledge of English, and often tests the absolute limits of your vocabulary. It can be tough to get yourself going, but the reward at the end makes it all worth it.

Reading as much as possible to expand your vocab will always work a treat, and there’s always the chance you’ll learn about words that you’ll never actually use in day-to-day life. Unless you’re an etymologist.