Watch: Amazing Resident Evil 4 Mod Recreates The Original Game

Resident Evil 4

If you’ve ever wondered how a remake of the original Resident Evil could look using more modern gameplay mechanics, boy do we have the perfect treat for you.

Talented modder Mr. Curious has dedicated a great deal of their own time as of late towards remaking the iconic Spencer Mansion and its labyrinthine interior, and the results, without hyperbole, are astounding. By using the game engine and various assets from Capcom’s landmark Resident Evil 4, Mr. Curious has so far managed to recreate a sizable portion of the original, with a reimagined opening sequence and a number of memorable rooms – including the main and dining halls – finished and fully playable.

Speaking of which, here comes the bad news. As of writing, the mod remains unreleased to the public, though Mr. Curious has allowed various influencers in the community to get a sneak peek of the project. Watch the video up above for roughly 30 minutes of gameplay, or check out the gallery below for some screenshots.

Released back in 1996 for PS1, Resident Evil has since spawned six numbered sequels and received an official remake back in 2002 for the Nintendo GameCube. 2017’s Resident Evil 7 remains the most recent mainline installment, though Capcom is heavily rumored to be on the cusp of announcing a follow-up very soon. Even further afield is a remake of Resident Evil 4 itself, though it’ll no doubt be several years yet until that one sees the light of day.

Until then, however, gamers have plenty of survival horror content to tide them over. After all, alongside the acclaimed remakes, asymmetrical multiplayer experience Resident Evil Resistance has proven to be somewhat of a surprise hit among fans of the franchise.