Anomaly – Warzone Earth Coming To Xbox 360 With Exclusive Features

Anomaly – Warzone Earth is slated to hit XBLA on April 6th, and the folks at 11 bit studios are already gearing up to give Xbox fans a little extra.

Billed as a “reverse tower defense” title, Anomaly – Warzone Earth flips the genre around and leaves you in control of a small troop convoy. What would a tower defense (well, offense) be without its towers? Rather than playing as a solely attacking or defending unit, players will take control of a small convoy, plotting their routes through cityscapes littered with defensive towers.

To help sweeten the deal, those that purchase the game on Xbox LIVE will receive access to an exclusive set of “Tactical Trials” levels. Set in a virtual reality arena, these levels sound like the perfect place to help hone one’s skills and tactics.

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Anomaly – Warzone Earth is set to hit Xbox Live on April 6th for 800 MSP, or $10.