Apex Legends Leak Suggests A Long Overdue Feature Is Imminent

Apex Legends

Apex Legends may have been at the forefront of pioneering social features when it launched last year, but there remains one much-requested system that the battle royale still lacks.

Crossplay has become a hugely popular selling point for multiplayer games over the last few years, with publishers such as Activision and Epic Games both promoting its inclusion in Call of Duty and Fortnite, respectively. Battle royales, in particular, have proven to make particularly good use of the feature, as crossplay allows games that use it to draw from an infinitely bigger pool of players as well as allow friends who own different devices to stay connected across platforms. It’s worth noting, of course, that Respawn has repeatedly stated its desire to follow suit with its contemporaries as soon as possible, though has cautioned that doing so would take time to iron out.

According to reputable leaker Shrugtal, however, it appears as if the overdue update could be arriving sooner than initially hoped. In a recently uploaded video to their YouTube channel, the data miner notes that masses of code pertaining to crossplay have been added to Apex‘s files, some of which reference user interface overhauls and Clubs.

The latter, for those not aware, is the name Respawn has officially given to an upcoming clan/guild system that, as the name suggests, will allow players to join like-minded peers and earn exclusive rewards for helping the Club grow. Whether this is now intended to live alongside crossplay isn’t clear, but it certainly doesn’t appear to be a coincidence that both have been receiving adjustments behind the scenes.

Based on everything they’ve discovered so far, Shrugtal suggests that all of the above could come to Apex Legends as soon as this month, though there’s always the chance that Respawn will instead decide to withhold the update so it can coincide with Season 7 later in the year. We’ll just have to wait and see, though it the former date proves true, you can expect to hear more very soon, so stay tuned.