Apex Legends’ New Map Is Still Filled With Hidden Secrets, Says Respawn

Apex Legends

Apex Legends players still have some sleuthing to do if they wish to uncover all the secrets Season 3’s map holds, it seems.

Introduced alongside new Hero Crypto, World’s Edge is located on an entirely different planet to that of original arena Kings Canyon, trading the latter’s temperate climate for a, let’s say, more primordial environment. Lava-filled caverns below; snow-kissed tundras above, fans have spent the last several weeks since Meltdown’s launch mentally mapping the intricacies of their new home, though, according to Respawn, there’s still plenty of uncharted territory left to discover.

Earlier this week, Rodney Reece, senior level designer for the California-based studio, took to Twitter in order to inform players of the battle royale that a number of Easter Eggs still remain undiscovered.

If you were hoping for any hints or leads as to the location of such mysteries, bad luck – Reece offers not even the slightest of clues. That silence is understandable – there’s no fun in being told the answer to a riddle, after all – but the revelation is undoubtedly surprising. With data miners near-constantly brute-forcing their way into the game’s files for a potential pointer of what’s to come, one would think any such obscurities wouldn’t stay that way for long, but not so.

Then again, with Apex LegendsHalloween event, which brought back Kings Canyon as part of limited-time mode Shadowfall, having only just concluded, a sizable chunk of playtime has been spent away from World’s Edge over the last few weeks. With Fight or Fright now over, however, a surge of new finds could well be on the cards.

As to what they could entail, who knows, though if precedent tells us anything, it’s that Respawn sure does love hiding references to upcoming content (especially new characters) in-game. Watch this space.