Assassins Creed: Unity Showcases Heist Missions


What’s the solution when your game is criticized every year for being the exact same as the last? Take that same game and throw in a co-op element, of course!

I don’t think Ubisoft is fooling anyone when they say that Assassins Creed: Unity will have a different feel from previous iterations of the franchise, but the unity experience will definitely give that familiar gameplay a twist. And with its release date looming, Ubisoft is starting to promote that selling point of the game.

Today, a look at what the developers are calling a Heist Mission was released and thoroughly explained. The idea is that you and a group of friends will infiltrate a heavily guarded historical locale to steal an important treasure. Naturally, the goal is to complete everything without being seen as well. Getting caught by the guards won’t fail the mission though; instead it will just decrease the value of your treasure and mission score.

These missions are meant to be highly replayable, so it’s okay if you blunder your way through them the first time through. However, you will not be able to use trial and error repetition as a formula for success, as the creative director notes that the guards’ positions are completely random.

Completing these missions with a great deal of stealth will also reward players with skill points and more. Whether or not said skill points will be of any real importance I cannot say, but it’s good to know that Ubisoft is pushing the importance of this year’s gimmick, similar to how they treated sailing the open seas in last year’s Assassins Creed: Black Flag.

Assassins Creed: Unity will be released for next generation consoles and PC on November 11th.