Avengers: Damage Control Poster Reveals Ultron’s New Form

Avengers: Damage Control

Avengers: Damage Control, Marvel Studios’ first foray into virtual reality territory, has gone down a treat with superhero fans.

Boasting the same big-budget investment as Marvel’s box office dominating film franchise, the ambitious VR title casts players in the role of a new recruit meant to trial a new line of high-tech Emergency Response Suits. A merging of Wakandan and Stark Industries technology, initial gameplay revealed earlier this month showcased the invention, which is much closer in functionality to Iron Man’s chrome overalls than Black Panther’s sleek costume.

There’s little time to discuss aesthetics, however, as Damage Control wastes no time in throwing players headfirst into the action. The villainous robot Ultron has decided to once again attempt a takeover of Earth using his own machinations and yes, you’ll even be going face to face with the iconic Marvel creation in-game. Do note, however, that the murderous AI has received a size upgrade since last you saw him.

Check out the new poster, revealed yesterday, below for your first proper look at the intimidating character:

As an aside well worth mentioning, any fans who book a play session for Avengers: Damage Control at any participating The VOID location will be able to grab their very own poster. A minute window for sure and superfans will want to book their tickets ASAP in order to secure such exclusive loot.

As for Damage Control itself, attendees of various invite-only events have unanimously given the title a thumbs-up, with many labelling it as an experience like no other. Featuring voice work from stars Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange) Letitia Wright (Shuri), Evangeline Lilly (Wasp) and Paul Rudd (Ant-Man), Marvel has clearly pulled out all the stops for this latest venture, which opens its doors to the public next month. For ticket prices and venue locations, hit the link below.