Baba Yaga: The Temple Of The Witch Will Bring The Supernatural To Rise Of The Tomb Raider


Next month, Lara Croft will venture into new and disturbing territory in Rise of the Tomb Raider‘s Baba Yaga: The Temple of the Witch expansion. The add-on, which will be made available as part of the epic adventure game’s Season Pass promotion, was revealed to the world at tonight’s Game Awards and generated a lot of buzz.

Alongside the expansion’s reveal came a visceral and foreboding teaser trailer, which, at just over one minute in length, is chock full of dark and tense scenes. It begins with Lara crawling through an old tomb with gothic imagery and an inhuman skeleton or two, before showing even more precarious and unsettling scenarios, wherein she’s tasked with fighting strange monsters and risking her life to push forward. Walls comprised of skeletons, a hulking monster and nail-biting action round out the rest of this memorable teaser.

Baba Yaga: The Temple of the Witch is expected to launch in January 2016, and promises hours of additional story-based content. Based on how great it looks, as well as the quality of Rise of the Tomb Raider itself, this expansion should be well worth waiting for.