New Batman Game Reveal Reportedly Coming In June, Possibly Sooner

batman arkham knight

Batman: Arkham Knight creator Rocksteady Studios may have long-since moved on to new projects not featuring DC’s brooding vigilante, but he’s far from retired from video games. In fact, a wholly brand new title starring the Dark Knight has been repeatedly teased by publisher Warner Bros. over the last several months, with even what appears to be the mystery project’s logo having leaked just recently.

WB Games Montreal (the same folks that produced underrated spinoff Arkham: Origins) is known to be in charge of development and has been steadily building hype for an eventual full reveal via social media. Not since it tasked fans with piecing together a strange symbol have we heard anything concrete, however, leading many to wonder just when (and where) it would finally decide to pull back the curtain.

Prior to the cancellation of this year’s E3 due to concerns over the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Warner Bros. had confirmed it would be holding a press event presumed to showcase several upcoming titles, with Batman’s return among them. While those plans lay in tatters now, new details shared on Reddit suggest the company will adhere to the original June announcement or perhaps deliver on the goods even sooner.

The unverified leak reads as follows:

I don’t have a bunch of hype inducing bullet points for everyone because I hardly know anything about this game and I’m not gonna make anything up. Announcement is still coming in June or MAYBE sooner. When it comes to Rocksteady and Harry Potter I don’t know what the case is now but Batman is WB’s next big “internal” release (not counting cyberpunk) It has to release this year and it has to be announced in June. I can’t offer more info than that but I promise you that I know that they contractually need to announce this game by June regardless of e3’s cancellation. You’ll see for yourselves very soon.

Assuming the above isn’t wholly a work of fiction, then, Batman fans could finally bear witness to the fruits of the studio’s labor within a matter of weeks and, even better, get to play it not too long after.