The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth Set For Release In November

binding of isaac

A leaked trailer this morning officially revealed that The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Steam on November 4. The disturbing trailer was pulled from public view by developer Nicalis, but will hopefully pop up again later today.

A remake of the original The Binding of Isaac, Rebirth has been rebuilt specifically with consoles in mind. A twin-stick shooter with heavy roguelike elements, the title is well-known for its dark religious story and imagery. The remake was originally set to also be available on the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo 3DS, however, Nintendo put the kibosh on that due to its controversial content.

The early November release date for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth also gives credibility to the rumor that the game will be coming to the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection. It does make sense when you think about it, as Sony has not shied away from adding titles with disturbing content (Outlast, Don’t Starve) to the service before. While I’m sure this won’t please gamers who are tired of “indie” titles coming to the Instant Game Collection, I think it would be another solid get for Sony

We will continue to have coverage of The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth in the lead-up to its November 4 release date. Hopefully, we can update this post with the latest trailer once Nicalis puts it back online.

Source: Joystiq