Bioware Talks About Possible Spin-Offs Set In The Mass Effect Universe


With Commander Shepard’s trilogy finished, many fans are now wondering what will happen to the Mass Effect franchise. Luckily, in a recent OXM interview, several developers of the critically acclaimed series sat down and talked about potential games they would like to see in the expansive sci-fi universe. Lead producer Casey Hudson stated that he would be very interested in a spin-off game about Garrus Vakarian, a teammate of Shepard’s that is present in each installment of Mass Effect.

It isn’t surprising that Hudson isn’t alone in this idea given how interesting of a character the Turian is. As the series progressed, gamers watched the reserved sniper become a joke-cracking badass. In addition, his time as a C-Sec officer along as a vigilante on a crime infested space station would allow for developers to create all sorts of unique and interesting scenarios for players to experience.

Various other characters were named during the interview too, such as Aria T’Loak, the pirate queen who starred in the Omega DLC for Mass Effect 3. Another popular candidate was Javik, the last surviving member of an ancient alien race. With such an impressive assortment of well-crafted and diverse characters created over the past six years between games, books and comics, Bioware has a lot to work with if they wish to continue to explore the Mass Effect universe.

Despite some harsh criticism from players about the ending of Mass Effect 3, the team at Bioware continued to make some great add-ons to the finale of Commander Shepard’s journey. In particular, the final piece of downloadable content Citadel was a well-crafted tribute to the entire series that charmed both fans and critics alike.

However, if any character from the impressive sci-fi universe deserves their own game, I think Blasto the Hanar Spectre is the top candidate.

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