Bloober Team Might Be Working On A New Silent Hill Game

Silent Hill

Yes, we’re once again talking about Silent Hill rumors and this time, it’s looking more likely than ever that something is actually going on behind the scenes.

Bloober Team, the popular indie studio with a proven track record for providing good, if not great, survival horror experiences, has revealed in a recent interview with that it’s currently working on something big in collaboration with a well-known, “very famous” publisher. Up until now, of course, the Polish studio has been largely independent of any such influence, having either self-published its titles or partnered up with medium-sized businesses like Aspyr – itself heavily rumored to be working on a big name franchise – to deliver its content to gamers.

Psychological horror Layers of Fear, its sequel and the more recent Blair Witch adaptation have all been handled this way, but the scope of each may well pale in comparison to what’s next.

Silent Hills

Speaking to the aforementioned website, company CEO Piotr Babieno confirmed that his team has been working on another game for well over a year and that, in addition to being an existing IP, is being created with a “very famous gaming publisher.” Babieno immediately proceeds to warn, though, that he’s unable, at this time, to confirm the identity of its new partner or, for that matter, what the project is.

He does, however, tease that when people eventually discern what’s happening, “they will be very excited.” If that doesn’t scream Silent Hill, we don’t know what does. Konami has frequently been rumored to be shopping around for a third party to take on the gargantuan task of revitalizing the IP, after all, and besides Resident Evil – which Capcom handles in-house – we can’t imagine anything else that would fit the bill.

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